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In 2020 our packers are highly in demand due to an increase in the packing removals sector. In Telford particularly we seem to be seeing a large percentage of our clientel needing our packers.  Let our packers do the work for you, you won’t regret it! 

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Packing is incredibly frustrating and time consuming especially if you are packing a 3 bedroom home. Modern Moving provide this service to make your life easier so you should try to take advantage of it. Let us pack your possessions and purchase the packing equipment and let you focus on the more important things in life. Our packing service comes at only a 20% increase to our regular hourly price so it remains value for money. There is nothing quite like it in the Telford area.

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I used Modern Moving to pack my household contents comprised of clothes, books, photos, soft furnishings and kitchenware. My goods were stored in an Aussie box which I accessed from time to time. When I decided to bring the goods out of storage Aussie delivered and unpacked the items.

My experience with them was good from start, primarily because of the excellent service provided by Peter Bender. This was the first time I had organised professional packing and storage so I had a lot of questions. Peter was unfailingly prompt and patient in providing feedback to my questions. When I needed to have my belongings brought out of storage and delivered, Peter was equally helpful in answering all my questions. There were occasions when Peter was out of office and I would either redirect my email or my email would be picked up by Peter's colleagues. They would similarly provide prompt and helpful responses to any questions I had.
Justice Dean